Shampoo Bar – Herbal

My husband asked me to make him a bar soap that he could use on his hair.  I studied several recipes for shampoo bars, and finally found one I liked. 

This all natural shampoo bar is great for both men and women. It has a luxurious, creamy lather that will leave hair and scalp squeaky clean and moisturized.

Shampoo bars are a little different from traditional liquid shampoo.  When you first start using the shampoo bar, your hair will go through an adjustment phase.  It is recommended that you also use a conditioner after shampooing, or use a vinegar rinse (1 tsp. vinegar in 1 cup water).  This will help close the hair shaft and make your hair shiny.  After a while, you probably won’t have to use a separate conditioner.

One of the best things about using shampoo bars is that you can go ahead and use it to wash your whole body in the shower.

Our shampoo bar has some of the best oils . . . coconut oil, sunflower oil, palm oil, castor oil, argan oil, jojoba oil and cocoa butter.  I scented it with a combination of essential oils and fragrance oils that include lavender, basil, sage and mint, and so far it has hubby’s approval.

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