Dirt Soap

Dirt Soap – yes, that’s what I said! This soap smells like fresh muddy dirt blended with moist moss. Reminiscent of potting soil or a freshly tilled garden. It’s perfect for (and popular with) hunters to mask their scent.

Some hunters will not use any soap the day they go out to hunt because they don’t want the animals to smell the scent. However, they still smell “human.” So, we added a “dirt” scent to our great soap that will mask the human scent on the hunter. Animals won’t suspect a thing.

Hunters can be clean and smell like dirt at the same time!

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Water, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Lye*, Fragrance, Illite Clay.
*Lye is used to saponify the oils; No lye remains in finished soap.

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